From the Beginning

FAMILY: Jay Her was born in Merced California and grew up in a little town in Northern California called Marysville with his many brothers and one sister. In high school he joined his High School’s radio station as the on air personality JJ. Being a part of the local school radio gave Jay the chance to attend entertainment events and conferences throughout California. At one of those conferences he was mystified with a live comedy hypnosis show for the first time. Jay Her waited over an hour after the show to personally speak with the stage hypnotist to get the scoop in beginning his career with Hypnosis.

FIRST STUDIES: Jay Her started studying as much as he could about comedy hypnosis and the therapeutic uses of it. Jay Her got his first studies in Stage Hypnosis from a Las Vegas Stage Hypnotist Trainer and his career immediately followed. He has since then attended trainings every year to ensure the most enjoyable experience for all participants and audience members. Jay Her is also trained in a variety of Hypnotherapeutic techniques to ensure the safest possible experience for the stars of each show.

FIRST SHOWS: After a few months of research and training Jay performed his first unofficial stage hypnosis show to an audience of his peers (10 people). Out of the ten people there two individuals who were hypnotized followed with over an hour of laugh out loud fun. From there it has just been show after show of fun and laughter. With each show better than the one before it, Jay has been able to put together a comedy hypnosis show filled with over an hour of side splitting laughter.

Jay’s Shows

Jay Her is a one man Comedy Hypnosis Show. Jay has performed for many audiences ranging from family friendly shows to adult shows that are not recommended for the easily offended. He has performed for audiences as small as 10 and as big as over 200. Each show is strictly volunteer based and completely real. Jay Her hand picks the right individuals directly from the audience to participate and become the stars of the show. You’ll watch as these individuals transform from members of your audience to being star performers for over an hour’s worth of fun, entertainment, and excitement.

Jay Her has performed for multiple corporate parties, festivals, conferences, private parties, service organizations, schools, bar/night club, and many more venues through his recent career. Jay has had to chance to perform a variety of shows ranging anywhere from high school appropriate shows to bachelor parties.

With over 9 years of collective experience in performing, presenting, and inspiring individuals in one-on-one and group settings, Jay Her can put together a sensational presentation or workshop for your event. As you follow the links to get more information about the services that can be provided keep in mind that these are general information and each service offered has the possibility to be personalized to meet your needs and expectations.

Layout of a Show

Jay Her begins with an introduction about Hypnosis, informing the audience about the facts and myths about Hypnosis; such as who can be hypnotized, how does hypnosis feel like, what really happens under hypnosis, etc…

To emphasize the power of Hypnosis and to better understand it Jay Her leads the whole audience in a few exercises before hand picking the volunteers that will soon be the stars of the show.

Once the panel of volunteers are up on stage Jay Her turns to the audience, asks them to silent their electronics and voices for the next few minutes in cooperation as the hypnotic process is about to begin. As music starts playing in the background Jay Her focuses his attention on the volunteers on stage and asks them to follow a few simple directions. Their breathing quickly becomes much deeper. Within a minute or two they all appear to become more and more drowsy. Before long they are all comfortably slouched over in their chairs without a care in the world.

Jay Her turns around to the audience and thanks them for cooperating. He informs them that the show has officially begun and we have about an hour of fun ahead of ourselves. The show proceeds with an hour or more of hilarious, entertaining and theme appropriate routines.

In performing many shows in the past Jay Her has been able to develop routines to meet the needs of a family friendly environment, a show with mature contents, educational shows and shows purely for entertainment. Listed in the middle column are general genres of shows that will be personalized for your venue or event once you’ve booked a show.