Hypnosis Show: A Fake Seance

I want to see us conjure up the most realistic Campy Fake Seance that we can do in one night! I want us to see writings appear on mirrors, sexy ghost actions, what a poltergeist baby looks like, go on a ghost hunt, and whatever else might happen during our Fake Seance.

A Ghostly Hilarious Night Awaits! All we need are to get our friends to volunteer to do it. You bring them and let’s see if they’ll get hypnotized. Or volunteer Yourself and be the star of the show!

Disclaimers chicas… This is as we said above, a Fake Seance, made possible with suggestions, hypnosis, and gimmicks. We can leave our sage at home and come L.O.L. together.

Why the Hell are we doing this???? I’m so glad you asked. It’s not to prove that Seances are fake, but it’s to show how we shouldn’t just believe in something too easily. AND to see how much fun we can have together trying to make fake things appear real.

Invite Your Friends from Facebook to a Comedy Hypnosis Show: A Fake Seance at this Facebook Event Page.


IS IT REAL??!!!?? – – – Hell yeah! with a cover fee of $10 we don’t have the money to pay real actors and actresses, so we use YOU, Your FRIENDS, and Audience Members and Hypnotize the Hell outta Them!

Probably, SHIT WILL HAPPEN that leaves you thinking, “What da F@$%!!!!??” so just prepare yourself to be Amazed at what we are willing and able to do while Hypnotized!

WILL I GET OFFENDED? You probably will, so suck it up and it’ll be just that much more fun if you bring a friend we can get up on stage and hypnotized.


$10 – Cover
Seat Reservations is NOW AVAILABLE as of Monday 9/9/2013.
NOTE: Online reservations get first dibs at seats before everyone else.


Jay Her ^__^


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