Ambition is Sexy!

I think the title speaks for itself, but elaborate… here goes…

I can’t find a more attractive thing about a person than ambition. True, sometimes you might find someone with hitler ambitions, and that’s when I get mixed emotions about this. Though, with harmful ambitions tossed out the window, there is something about someone with a drive in their life that just makes me want to hug them, squeeze them, and tell them, “The World is Your Rock and so go make some Pearls, You Oyster!” I don’t know if that’s gonna translate well from my head to this blog, but what the Hello! with their ambition, it just seems like they are able to move closer towards anything they put their mind to.


What’s so sexy and different about Ambition??

Come on now, beside those extreme hitler-esque ambitious individuals, what’s not to love about a man or a woman who is persistent, confident about their pursuit, is beaming with desire, is passionate about what where they’re headed, loves what’s taking them there, etc…


People with ambition just seems to naturally have this aura of AWESOMENESS around them that we can’t help but want to see them succeed. They are powerful people in their mind, not because they’re strong or what-not (maybe they are, but that’s not it) or can control people or instill fear in the hearts of those who defy them, but… BUT… but they are AWESOME and POWERFUL people because they can recognize how we all play a vital role in this world… how we can make things come together when we get together… how we are nothing alone, but can affect the world SO BEAUTIFULLY if we simply move in unison… and OH! and…


Oh, OH! wait for this one. AND they do it all, not with their own thoughts, but through orchestrating together how all of the unified thoughts that can be played in harmony… one voice at a time. Their ear is listening. So that we can speak our truths or sing our songs. And they help us see exactly where we can fit into the scheme of things, for when we do our truths and songs are spoken and sung that much louder TOGETHER!


Have I said, “AMBITION IS SEXY!” ? ? ?

What if they run out of Ambition??

I feel that the only thing that can diminish someone’s ambition is destroying our spirit… and that is just SICK if someone wants to destroy our spirit!


Find the blog titled, “FRIGHT, FUN, FRIEND, FOREVER” and if they sound like a “FRIGHT” person, then they might not be a compatible person in your life.


Now if they’re giving us a little dose of reality to help us find a different route or a better thing, then why not consider it. Truly consider it, not just listen to it. See how it’s plausible, possible, and how it can fit into the scheme of things. Find the blog titled, “Our Passion Purpose and the Back-up Plan” and make sure our Ambition has all the components of being Our Passion, we have the Ability, and there are Opportunities and Needs for it around us.


We want to keep our spirits healthy and alive, but we also don’t want to judge a fish on it’s ability to swing from tree to tree.

What if they’re simply delusional??

Then it’s not ambition anymore, Honey, it’s delusion. You define your own sense of delusion, but weigh it against what works and what doesn’t. Try it, try it a different way, try it another different way, try it with something different, and keep trying as many different ways as you can until you’ve light up your lightbulb, then find a way to make it better!

The delusion can increase if you don’t get a grip on reality, Honey Bunny! If you’re dead set on something working, even though it says it isn’t and you’re refusing to change anything about the way it’s being handled…… double check yourself, because that’s when I’d start questioning the margin between Ambition and Delusion. Find the change and apply it to the scheme. Then do it again with the change in place. If it works, GREAT! If not, do something different.

What if ambition becomes stalkerish??

OMG! Girlfriend, that’s a good point! Tell you what, remember the thing from delusion vs ambition right before this… where I said, “try it with something different…” yeah, if it isn’t working in one area, go somewhere else, if you keep hanging around, you’re gonna give people stalker vibe (probably because you are) so Stop It! and try it differently somewhere else with something else.

You want to stay in the Ambition mode and not fall off the wagon into the Stalker circus! Learn how to stop when it’s still healthy, ok Chica, don’t get all caught up in your mind reminiscing about falling off cloud nine that you forget to pull the string for your parachute. Again, if you find yourself or someone increasing in creeper status, it’s a good time to try something new, somewhere new so we can lower that creeper status and continue with Ambition mode.

ambition is sexyLet me know what you think about this who Sexy Ambition thing. I’d like to hear what you can open my eyes to.

Jay Her

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