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Have you ever realized that some of our most structured, thought out, and specific plans are the ones that fall through the cracks and never get done??? WHY IS THAT???? I asked… Have you ever tried to put a bundle of stick together using a steal band??? Well, I haven’t, so let me know if you have… but if I was to imagine that, it would go something like this. I would want to figure out how big around this bundle of stick is going to be and then I would have to build that steal band to fit just tight enough around the bundle so that it’s not too tight or too loose. Perfect!! In my mind, this bundle of stick would stay like this forever and ever and EVER and then we will live Happily Ever After, THE END! Right? What do you mean, “No!?” Let’s say, with my luck, it rains and the sticks I’ve gathered happen to be very easy in absorbing water… or the sticks dry up and then start to fall apart… or one of the sticks gets pulled out by a stick eating monster… Now what!??? Now it’s either too tight of a bundle of wet sticks, a withering away bundle, or a lose  bundling just waiting to slip out it’s steal band. Now what did I do wrong there? You probably have an answer for me. Here’s my real life example. I have been working on my health. Eating better, fun exercises, good social life, etc… I was content with working out at home and to my surprise with only about 30 minutes doing random things like jump roping, free weights, pilates, push ups, sit ups, etc… I was able to go from a size 36 to a size 33. I can honestly say I was proud of myself.  Then I decided that I might need to step it up and start working out at a gym too. And so that’s exactly what I did. My rationale, was there were a lot of equipments that I couldn’t afford financially nor space-wise at home. Within 3 weeks after I started my gym membership, I stopped working out at home and started working out just at the gym. I mean, they got everything I got going at home and more! This is THE PLACE to do what I needed to do, right? Am I wrong?? I didn’t think so. LOL. So my exercise equipments started moving into the corner of the house and my exercise time moved into jogging to the gym (10 minutes), working out at the gym (30 minutes), swimming at the gym (30 – 60 minutes), then jogging back (10 minutes). Now my schedule got a little flustered and I stopped going to the gym regularly but never considered starting back up the exercises that I was doing at home. Now once I’ve gotten the gym membership, my mindset shifted from Exercising when I can to simply just exercising at the gym. And when I wasn’t able to make it to the gym, I wasn’t even able to consciously think of doing the exercises that I have been doing for months prior at home. All that was going through my mind, was… well, I guess I’m just too busy to...

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The Ocean’s Secret

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A man asked the ocean to tell him it’s greatest secrets as to how to got so big. The ocean responded, “Sir, you see I am nothing but the grace of what is around me. I am nothing but a reflection of the offerings that are around me. I have no power, but the eb and flow of those that touch me.” “But you must have started somewhere and dreamt of yourself as such a wealthy and respected being?” the man continued. The ocean paused in stillness and the man heard nothing from the ocean, the ground stood still and the waves were calm, as the breeze picked up the ocean spoke again, “This dream I have is merely, but a dream. Every night I have many dreams that never came true, but this one, for some odd reason came to fruition.” “You must have focused all your energy on this dream? Did you ocean?” the man asked, “You mustn’t lie to me or keep secrets from me.” “But Sir, I have no secrets to give you nor hide from you because even I don’t know how I have reached such a place.” “But Ocean, You have to have at least felt a calling to become what you are now? I am nearing a great need in my life and I need to know how to fill it.” “Sir, I am sorry, but it has been such a long journey for me that I really don’t remember my beginnings.” “But Ocean!” the man is stepping towards the mouth of the ocean, “a storm is coming in and if you don’t speak soon, I’m afraid it may be too late for me to hear the message when the storm is over.” “I will tell you sir, how I am able to sustain my being, but I’m afraid I can not…” and thunder stroke through the wind following the flickering of lightening in the sky. The man fell on his knees, “Why! Why? Why are you so selfish as to not even lend me a glimpse of how you sustain the greatness that you are??” And with the ceasing of the man’s words the ground began to shake beneath him and water sprouted out of the ground as the sands sunk into itself. His voice quivering, “Oh, Great Ocean, I mean not to offend You! I only want to know your secrets so that I can use it myself.” In the flickering of the lightening the man is in shock to see a mountain rising up from the ocean as the ocean moves further away from the land that once was. The sand still sinking, now into what seems to be the ocean’s hand reaching out to grab the man. “Why have you forsaken me!? Why, with all your power and majesty, would you even allow a mountain to rise up in place of where you were!? What if I am to die here before I am granted with the knowledge of your wisdom and greatness! I promise to be your servant! I promise to carry out your will! I will not move from this spot until I am granted Your student!” The ground open up and the ocean’s hand pulled the man under.  In one last roar the thunder ceased,...

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Enlightenment: My River of Truth

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Enlightenment is not about seeking something better, or having better outcomes, or finding an ultimate truth. Enlightenment is about embracing every moment as an experience worth living. Life throws events and objects into our life that we perceive as either good or bad. Health, Sickness, Strength, weakness, rape, sex, food, famine, etc… we will all perceive it one way or another, our perception of it is our truth at that moment, but how we chose to respond to it is what will affect the chain of reaction that follows. Let’s say the events are like a river and our life is a portion of the land that the river passes through. Just as a river has it’s path, if we deny there is a river and happen to be building our home in it’s path without considering the river as a factor in how we build our home, we may never be able to complete the home we’re building. I’m not saying we will always be building our homes in rivers, but without acknowledging a factor of truth in the foundation of what we are building, what might occur as we’re building our home? Let’s say we accept that there is a river in this path, but rage war against this river and block it, then we build our home on its path. Even dams allow room for the water to continue to follow it’s path. What might happen if we chose this route to take? What if we find another path that the river can take and pave a way for it to do so? Or what if we build our home somewhere else? What if the river rises during the wet seasons? What if we spend our time seeking out the perfect way to work with this river and then build our home in accordance with our findings? What if there’s a sink hole under our home? What if there’s an earth quake where we live? Our fixation (denial, anger, sadness, happiness, interest, etc…) on an event, object, or situation does us no good in reaching a greater sense of being. Acknowledging our momentary understanding of it’s truth in our life (as much as we can comprehend it at that moment) and then continue to move forward in life knowing it is there, adjusting our understanding, beliefs, and values as they surface. Don’t become angry or sad it’s in your path. Don’t become over joyed in what you can do with it. Don’t deny its truth or presence. Don’t become so fixated on learning all there is to learn about it. Don’t think you won’t ever understand it. Don’t think you’ll learn everything about it. All things will come in it’s own time, it is not our job to force it, it is our job to experience it as it interacts with our being. Let go of this fixation and begin to experience it’s presence. All things in Life are constantly changing and it is not always our job to control every aspect of it, but it is our gift to experience every moment of...

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My Life’s Path… May not be right for You.

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I wonder if I’m scared to move closer to a goal of mine because in doing so I would have to limit some of my life’s pleasures.  I’ve always been scared that I would be negatively judging others who are not along the same path as me. The question that I’ve always thought that I would be asking is, “If I can do it, why can’t You?” I’m scared that if I am able to accomplish something, that I might expect the same from all of those that I meet.  That I might begin to forget that we all are different, and that we each come with different expertise and different life barriers.  I know that right now, this is all simply a possibility and a thought or fear of mine, but for whatever reason it is scaring me enough to have been keeping me from moving forward with my goals. I asked this question to a friend of mine and what he mentioned to me helped give me perspective on the situation… He  said, “I think I can get quite jealous at others that they are able to indulge in the life’s pleasures that I now limit myself.” So is it that I want better things for people so much (that I get angry) or is it simply that I am jealous at what I can’t do and they still are able to do (that I get angry)… that it is all an internal dialogue and thought that needs to happen and has nothing to do with the world around me.  If I am truly following a path of my own, and truly understand that everyone’s path differs however little or big… then can’t I simply acknowledge their life’s path and be happy for what they are able to do in life. My anger is Mine to feel, and may have nothing to do with what others pleasure themselves with. Their journey is a journey that is as true as their own reality and it should have very little affect on mine, unless it’s taking away to giving to mine. I’ve chosen this path, why should I expect others to do the same? My path is not the right one for everyone, and every other’s path is the perfect trail in which they’ve began following and I should hope and pray that they find Love, Peace, Pleasure, Accomplishments, and Health in the path that they are moving towards. Have a Blessed Life! and Know that I DO Support Your Life’s Path, where ever great places it may take You. I hope for You: Love, Please, Pleasure, Prosperity, Health, Well-being, Ease of Journey, and Accomplishments of Your Desires that will meet the needs of all of those around You! And for those of You who might be wondering what I’m referring to… this stemmed off of me working towards losing weight. But I think it will now have a profound effect on many other aspects of my life too.  Thank You, I Love You, and I hope You Love those around You too. Be Well and Be Good At It! ^__^ Jay...

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It’s a two way street. If there ain’t anything coming in your direction or moving along next to you in the same direction, I think you might be driving alone. Come find a road where there are traffic on both sides of the yellow divide. You Deserve It.

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Accepting My Whole Self

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I have always tried to be tactful with the way I live my life so that others around me may not be offended.  I have never thought that in doing so, I may hurt the one person that will really matter… Myself.  Living the life that I should be living in accordance to who is around me and what they may be comfortable with is something that I may need for survival in a third world or war torn country, but where I live it is not a necessity.  I have been told over and over again that there are many individuals that will disagree with me, but unless I truly am myself, I will only find and grow up to be the compromise of my true potential. Today I CLAIM MY WHOLE SELF and all that it encompasses!  I CLAIM MY ABILITY TO GIVE TO THE WORLD all that it needs from me!  I CLAIM MY SPACE, MY MIND, MY BODY, MY LIFE, MY OWNERSHIP OF ALL THAT I AM ASKING TO COME INTO MY LIFE.  And I ask for Many Great Things to begin to enter into my life.  I Embrace the fortune that wants to enter my Life. I want you to embrace the fortune that is about to enter your life too, for if you don’t it will pass both of us on.  Some people are going to question what it is that you are doing.  Just as you’ve never given in to them in the past, don’t give in to them now.  I want to You to STAND YOUR GROUND and put forth all your energy and effort into this fortune.  Yes, you’re going to lose some assets at first, you’re going to wonder where they are going, you’re going to have people think you are full of shit, but know that you are on the right path.  And now that regardless of what it is you are doing, what will come to fruition because of it will be Greater and Better than anything that you can imagine! Move Yourself and the World will Move With YOU! Now...

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Our Passion Purpose and The Back-Up Plan

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I propose a thought… I believe that too many of us put too much focus on our Life’s Back-Up Plan and not enough towards our actual Life Aspirations.  We’ve been told over and over again to shoot for the moon… but that we need a solid plan to fall back onto just in case our real goals don’t to come to fruition or fall short of expectations. Have you ever wondered why so many of us are spending so much more time pursuing the second most important thing in life? Is it because we might want to do something more, but are scared we might not be able to do it? What ever the reason might be, I think the most important question for many of us is, “Why aren’t I pursuing my passionate purpose in life?” Passion Purpose: I believe our Passion Purpose in life is where our Passion and Abilities meet with the Opportunities and Needs around us. The Back-Up Plan: Our skills and abilities that can help us make ends meet if our Passion Purpose doesn’t come to fruition. I believe that if we truly Pursue every aspect of our Passion Purpose we will be able to gain all the necessary skills and abilities that will make up the Back-Up Plan.  Our Back-Up Plan shouldn’t be something that we must dedicate time to create.  Why? Because as we pursue our Passion Purpose there will be many transferable skills that we will gain and can transfer to many other aspects of life.  We just need to allow us to  become conscious of these acquired skills and abilities along the way. That doesn’t mean we expect us to acquire our passionate purpose over night, it may take a few years or decade to see it come to fruition, but that’s why it has to truly be our Passion Purpose, and not just something “we’d like to do“… because those come and go, those are like fashion trends that may be popular now, but will cycle out, maybe coming back again or maybe never… but we need to truly pursue our Passion Purpose and not our Back-Up Plan. We need to see opportunities in front of us and find out which ones are stepping stones and begin hopping along. But what about the opportunities? When will my Passion and Abilities ever meet these opportunities?? Let me ask you this, have you ever gotten (or wanted) something and then all of a sudden everywhere you go they seem to be there? Ever wanted a specific movie or book? and you seem to see it in Magazines, at school, the grocery stores, etc… Ever bought a car and then realize that it seems that all of a sudden everyone else has one like it? It’s not that we’ve gotten caught up in a fad… well, maybe buying over-priced t-shirts and pet rocks might be an exception… but the point of the matter is that once we’ve allowed ourselves to fully embrace a thought, an idea, a passion, a life-style, etc… we will begin to notice that the opportunities are endless! It may not be exactly the way we expect them to be, but it will be along the same lines. Allow ourselves to make mistakes and Learn from them.  Allow ourselves...

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There will always be 4 kinds of people in our lives… the Four F’s: – Fright Material – Fun Material – Friend Material – Forever Material .FRIGHT. There are those who you just know; either right off the back or when they already got your phone number; that they are definitely someone who you don’t want in your life.  They make you feel bad, they make you feel like you have to be with them to feel good, they smother you with information/time/etc… beyond your capacity, They’re only around when you’re have something to offer and they have something to take.  They make you think that all the negative things that are coming in to your life are your doing and build shame upon ourself rather than help you relieve the weight.  They instill the greatest of doubt in the slightest of forms. .FUN. These are the eye candy individuals that we see on TV, meet up with once in a while, go on dates with, party with once in a while, and have exhaustingly long “conversations” with… but they never meet our friends, they never become our friends, they never get to know us, and we might not even be calling them by their right names if we choose to remember that.  They are the ones we wish we can grow to know so well, but lack the capatibility to do so.  They are the ones we love to be with, but will grow to learn to live without.  They are the ones we once knew, may remember, but may never forever be together. .FRIENDS. These are the individuals that have the qualities that you want to spend the rest of your life with, but not in the manner where you want to have their babies!  These are the individuals that you bring home to meet the parents, but you never have to worry about your parents catching you doing anything taboo (well maybe just that one time, but…) because the worse thing that could happen is you guys be watching a naughty video tape together… discussing how it would be trying it out on the FUN individuals. .FOREVER. Now these are the individuals that meet all the qualities of the FRIEND individuals along with the qualities of the FUN individuals (as a note for all you picky individuals… positive qualities over-rides negative qualities when there are opposing qualities between the two… but ultimately it is when you can interchangeably go from one to the other, experience all the mutual qualities of one and yet to know you both still have all the others).  They meet your friends, they meet your family, they are eye candy, they are soul food, they are heart warming, they are in your business (you may hate the moment, but you always end up loving the outcome), you both make mistakes together only growing stronger, you have lost the thought of  being given an obligation and have simply obliged to doing and being what used to be the imposed obligation… you become each other’s FRIEND and each other’s FUN… interchangeably… FOREVER. ================================================== Note: Here is something I posted about two years ago on a social network… I ran across it and thought I’d re-post it… First posting was on: Tuesday, June 10, 2008...

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Metaphor: Balloons

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I was doing a self guided session on removing a mental block of mine… and it gave me quite a weird metaphor, but for whatever reason, it made sense to me and my situation in life.  Therefore, I thought I’d share this internal dialogue with all of you, too. I began seeing a balloon in front of me in this self-hypnosis process. I ask myself, “Why a balloon? What does this have to do with what is keeping me from being able to move forward and do more things in life?” Mind, “You think you know what they represent! So! Give me your answer for why it’s here.” Self, “It represents all that I am, what I want, and what I can do.  I want it to grow as big as it can be… and to be able to do that I need to put air into it, breath life into it.” Mind, “Duh, even a child knows that you need to put air into it to allow it to expand and grow.” Self, “Oh… so what if I don’t have the strength to be able to give it enough air and life for it to expand and grow?” Mind, “What would the child do in that situation?” Self, “Ask for help from an adult… from someone who has done it enough times before and has the strength and knowledge to be able to fully breathe enough air into it… while, knowing when to stop so they don’t get light-headed.” Mind, “But what if it blows up or pop because sometimes I don’t know and I put too much air into it?” Self, “Yes! What if??? If there were too much air put into it and it blows up, what will I do then?” Mind, “What WILL you do THEN??” Self, “I can’t let that happen, I must be careful how much air I put into it… I must only put a little bit of air to prevent it from popping.” Mind, “Hmmm… isn’t your main goal to see it expand and grow??” Self, “Yes! but I don’t want it to pop! So I’d rather just give it a little air and so I can have it expand and grow a little, but not have it so big that it pops.” Mind, “What about having someone else help you put air into it?” Self, “I’ve tried that before and sometimes they are able to blow it up to a good size for me… though, a lot of the times they would blow it to the point where the slightest thing I do to it would make it pop! and I don’t like that.” Mind, “Can you remember if in those times where it was blown to a size that was soo big it popped with the slightest of handling… were you bothering them to do something for you when they really wanted to do something else?” Self, “Yes.” Mind, “What do happens when a person is focused on something else, but is constantly asked to do other things that they’d rather not do???” Self, “They simply spend some time on it to get it done, but they are only getting it done so that they can do the other things that they’d rather be doing… therefore, they will not...

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Embracing Earth as a Factor of Enlightenment

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Hi There, I will be blunt with you when necessary.  I will hold you accountable for not following through with your side of the deed.  I will make sure you know that change is needed to make life more comfortable.  And, I will always accept the life that you have chosen to happily and healthily live. Even though spiritual enlightenment is a part of becoming who we will ultimately be… I believe that none of us are here on this world to purely pursue a path of spiritual enlightenment.  I believe that all of us are here to enjoy the blessings of this life time in all it’s tears, fears, glory, gory, joys, and awakenings.  I want to let all of us know that part of enlightenment is to fully embrace and enjoy our presence.  I want to let us all know that we should have fun and experience this world, while all at the same time embrace the lessons learned through it all. Now, fun… what is good fun and what is not?  Happy and Healthy are the two things I will focus on.  Keep yourself healthy and keep yourself happy, while making sure that what makes you healthy and happy is also making other people healthy and happy too.  We find that our world begins to go astray when what gives us the benefits are actually taking away from other people’s Happiness and Health. There is the wonder about drinking, smoking, rock climbing, glacier hikes, storm chasing, etc… now, even if that brings happiness, many of us may wonder about how that borders along the line of healthy and unhealthy.  There are many ways we can take the journey that we are on.  Maybe doing these things may shorten our lives, but at the same time too we may never become enlightened if we don’t pursue this life’s passion.  Maybe it is in our death that will help advance the path of many other individuals that are alive.  My point is not that we should embrace a quick death and/or suicide. Instead, my point is that we must embrace and enjoy our journey on earth as a part of our Spiritual Enlightenment.  So, if your enjoyment in life is to go hide in a cave, solitaire spiritual awakening, etc… then more power to you in embracing your journey on earth as part of your path towards Spiritual Enlightenment.  Though, if your enjoyment of life is to be the social butterfly, the night owl, best competitor, the greatest etc… also, more power to you in embracing your journey on earth as part of your path towards Spiritual Enlightenment.  And throughout all of this keep asking yourself, “Is this something that will make me Happy, and keep myself and those around me Healthy.” I feel “Healthy” is something that we will have to define at a later time.  At the moment, you and your health team should make the call on what can be considered healthy for you. Now remember I said, “More power to you in embracing your journey on earth as PART OF your path towards Spiritual Enlightenment.”  This is not the only thing you must do towards becoming awaken spiritually.  It is the lessons that we are able to gain through these encounters that will become...

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