Learning I-Ching : My Tip to remember the Hexagrams

Lately, I have been delving more into the I-Ching and I have been trying to think of creative ways to help me remember the Hexagrams. One way was to try and remember how each Hexagram looked like and how many of each lines were where. I found out trying to remember the placement of the Yin/Yang lines within six different spots is harder than I thought, more confusing and eye sore than anything. Another was to try and create an algorithm on a spread sheet and then use that to help bring up the meaning and writings behind each hexagram. While that worked wonders when I’m on a computer and can pull up the spread sheet, but sometimes when questions arises from others and my computer’s nowhere in sight… well, it’s kind of difficult if I was to rely on that for it.


So here’s what I eventually resolved to doing, and to admit, it feels a lot easier than I thought it would be. I decided to just look at the Hexagram as the two BaGua/Trigrams that made up each Hexagram. When at first I was trying to remember each Hexagram by remembering the formation of each line, but that got confusing really quick. Now this is easy, I only have to remember which of the 8 BaGua/Trigrams are on top of which one. That made life a lot easier for me in having to remember just concern myself with two sections of the Hexagram than trying to remember each line individually.


Now, another dilemma came up… What is the easiest way for me to learn, understand, and remember each of the BaGua? Regular sight of it was my best answer! So I went to the Google Gods ^__^ and asked for “BaGua/Trigrams for Smartphone” they gave me a few apps, but no simple image that I can easily put on my smartphone. So, I kept searching… nothing still. I was pretty sure there’s gotta be something out there already made for smartphone backgrounds! A last, with 2 days of searching, I didn’t find anything about the BaGua/Trigrams that I can put on my smartphone’s background and was about to give up when I thought…


“I CAN MAKE ONE!” it’s simple, it’s easy, and doesn’t involve a lot of time to make. Just 8 Trigrams with their basic names and titles and in a form easy enough to just make a background on my smartphone. 4 hours later, I guess I’m kind of a perfectionist, here’s what I got. I’ve tried it on my Android Phone and it fits perfectly into the background of my smartphone, after the phone does it usual cropping thing. It took me a hot minute to find something so I hope this can help you too in your path to learning the I-Ching!


Let me know if I might have done something wrong somewhere so I can improve it, oki doki ^__^


Thank You!

Jay Her


PS – Feel free to comment and/or share so we can all learn together.


Dark Trigrams at a Glance for Smartphone Background Iphone Android

Dark Trigrams at a Glance for Smartphone Background Iphone Android



Light Trigrams at a Glance for Smartphone Background Iphone Android

Light Trigrams at a Glance for Smartphone Background Iphone Android

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