Our Passion Purpose and The Back-Up Plan

I propose a thought…

I believe that too many of us put too much focus on our Life’s Back-Up Plan and not enough towards our actual Life Aspirations.  We’ve been told over and over again to shoot for the moon… but that we need a solid plan to fall back onto just in case our real goals don’t to come to fruition or fall short of expectations.

Have you ever wondered why so many of us are spending so much more time pursuing the second most important thing in life? Is it because we might want to do something more, but are scared we might not be able to do it?

What ever the reason might be, I think the most important question for many of us is, “Why aren’t I pursuing my passionate purpose in life?”

Passion Purpose:
I believe our Passion Purpose in life is where our Passion and Abilities meet with the Opportunities and Needs around us.

The Back-Up Plan:
Our skills and abilities that can help us make ends meet if our Passion Purpose doesn’t come to fruition.

I believe that if we truly Pursue every aspect of our Passion Purpose we will be able to gain all the necessary skills and abilities that will make up the Back-Up Plan.  Our Back-Up Plan shouldn’t be something that we must dedicate time to create.  Why? Because as we pursue our Passion Purpose there will be many transferable skills that we will gain and can transfer to many other aspects of life.  We just need to allow us to  become conscious of these acquired skills and abilities along the way.

That doesn’t mean we expect us to acquire our passionate purpose over night, it may take a few years or decade to see it come to fruition, but that’s why it has to truly be our Passion Purpose, and not just something “we’d like to do“… because those come and go, those are like fashion trends that may be popular now, but will cycle out, maybe coming back again or maybe never… but we need to truly pursue our Passion Purpose and not our Back-Up Plan. We need to see opportunities in front of us and find out which ones are stepping stones and begin hopping along.

But what about the opportunities? When will my Passion and Abilities ever meet these opportunities??

Let me ask you this, have you ever gotten (or wanted) something and then all of a sudden everywhere you go they seem to be there? Ever wanted a specific movie or book? and you seem to see it in Magazines, at school, the grocery stores, etc… Ever bought a car and then realize that it seems that all of a sudden everyone else has one like it?

It’s not that we’ve gotten caught up in a fad… well, maybe buying over-priced t-shirts and pet rocks might be an exception… but the point of the matter is that once we’ve allowed ourselves to fully embrace a thought, an idea, a passion, a life-style, etc… we will begin to notice that the opportunities are endless! It may not be exactly the way we expect them to be, but it will be along the same lines.

Allow ourselves to make mistakes and Learn from them.  Allow ourselves to try out something we may have not tried before.  But most importantly, ALLOW OURSELVES TO EMBRACE OUR OWN PASSIONS AND ABILITIES so that we can begin noticing OUR OPPORTUNITIES!

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