Whether you are looking for Entertainment, Inspiration or Motivation for your next event Jay Her might have something that can fit your needs and expectations. This page will be able to give you a brief overview of the services that Jay Her can provide for yourself, your event, or your venue.

With over 10 years of collective experience in performing, presenting, and inspiring individuals in one-on-one and group settings, Jay Her can put together a sensational presentation or workshop for your event. As you follow the links to get more information about the services that can be provided keep in mind that these are general information and each service offered has the possibility to be personalized to meet your needs and expectations.


From Family-Friendly shows for the whole family to Lounge Shows for mature audiences who aren’t easily offended, Jay Her can put together a show that can make your event and/or venue more memorable. In here you will find information about the basic overview of a show and possible routines in both Family-Friendly and Lounge shows. You will also be able to book Jay Her online securely through Gig Masters.


From accomplishing a small goal to managing pain Jay Her might be able to assist you on your journey of self-improvement. Inside you’ll be able to read about Jay Her’s philosophy, training, experience, and consultation outline.


Whether you are looking for a workshop presenter or a key-note speaker Jay Her has presented at multiple conferences and seminars throughout the West Coast. Inside you’ll be able to read about some of the presentations Jay Her has given and the audiences that he has presented for.

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