Hypnosis Shows

As you’re thinking of a creative idea for your venue or event feel free to give Jay Her a call (907-720-9909) for a free consultation to see if a Comedy Hypnosis Show may be right for what you have in mind.

Show Layout

Jay Her begins with an introduction about Hypnosis, informing the audience about the facts and myths about Hypnosis; such as who can be hypnotized, how does hypnosis feel like, what really happens under hypnosis, etc…

To emphasize the power of Hypnosis and to better understand it Jay Her leads the whole audience in a few exercises before hand picking the volunteers that will soon be the stars of the show.

Once the panel of volunteers are up on stage Jay Her turns to the audience, asks them to silent their electronics and voices for the next few minutes in cooperation as the hypnotic process is about to begin. As music starts playing in the background Jay Her focuses his attention on the volunteers on stage and asks them to follow a few simple directions. Their breathing quickly becomes much deeper. Within a minute or two they all appear to become more and more drowsy. Before long they are all comfortably slouched over in their chairs without a care in the world.

Jay Her turns around to the audience and thanks them for cooperating. He informs them that the show has officially begun and we have about an hour of fun ahead of ourselves. The show proceeds with an hour or more of hilarious, entertaining and theme appropriate routines.

In performing many shows in the past Jay Her has been able to develop routines to meet the needs of a family friendly environment, a show with mature contents, educational shows and shows purely for entertainment. Listed in the middle column are general genres of shows that will be personalized for your venue or event once you’ve booked a show.

Show Genres

Family Friendly Shows

Perfect for an event for a high school, service organization, company social, youth party or public event Jay Her can personalize the routines of the show to match your theme. Keeping the materials funny and silly, yet family friendly, you’ll find many who attended your event to be talking about it long after it’s over and gain a greater appreciation for the human mind.

Education/Motivational Shows

A show structured to provoke thought and laughter. Demonstrating how the human mind can limit our full potential through the mental blocks that we create for ourselves. Showing how the distortion of time can happen when a person is stressed and/or excited. How the small beliefs we have of ourselves can greatly impact our level of success in life.

Adult Shows

These shows have been said to either be “Extremely Hot, or Extremely Funny!” these shows were first written for the benefits of venues such as Night Clubs and Bars and are perfect for the Mature Audience. These shows can easily be adapted to meet the comfort of your audience members. To name a few ways these types of shows can be utilize are bachelor/bachelorette parties, opening nights, holidays, colleges, universities, night clubs, etc…