Past Life Regression

Why Past Life Regression?

There are many reasons to journey into the world of Past Life Regression (PLR), though, for most people it is because of curiosity, seeking personal and professional growth, a healing journey, or all of these reasons.


Whichever reason it may be for you to delve into the world of PLR, you might be able to find that in doing so you can also find clues, answers, and knowledge to many of the events that are happening right now in your life. You might even find that through experiencing a PLR you can begin to build a stronger foundation for your present life, understand why you do certain things, how to change habits, and why you prefer one thing over another.

Benefits of Past-Life Regression

  • A better understanding of the life they are living and how to begin enjoying it more!
  • Communicate better with their loved ones.
  • Let go of a habit or pattern of living that was hindering their full potential in life.
  • Ability to let go of some past experiences (whether we’re conscious of them or not) and begin to move forward with our lives.
  • Understand who you are and the purpose for why you are here.
  • Greater sense of control over your own life and the responsibilities that come with it.
  • Unlocking your full potential and learning how to begin to move towards it.

Past Life & Age Regression

Before we delve into what they are, I’d like to let us know that these memories come to us as vividly as our mind allows them to be. These memories can be recollection of real memories or fabricated memories with a combinations of our younger years, stories we’ve heard, experiences we’ve encountered, ideas we’ve come across, and people we know.


There are also memories that our mind will present it to us with a distortion in perspective, timing, location, storyline, and reasoning. These events may be items that we are lot ready to confront yet, therefore, we won’t be able to fully understand it. Though, we can ask our mind when might be a good time in the future for us to understand these memories.


These memories, regardless of fact or fabrication,are essentially the dialogues that our subconscious mind uses to communicate with our consciousness and through utilizing Regression we can begin to understand what the language of our mind is and tap into our inner power to make the positive changes necessary.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression (PLR) is believed to be a way to recall information and events that took place in a previous life. We learn to recall these memories and begin to work towards resolving the barriers and obstacles that may be tied to these PLR events to begin moving forward in this life-time.


This theory has its foundation on the belief that a person’s spirit has been here to multiple times in different experiences and body. These memories are stored in either our subconscious mind or metaphysical records that can be accessed through use of Hypnosis, Trance work, and Meditation.


These past life experiences also carry the positive and negative karmas that developed during those times, which, causes our life to move smoothly or become in disarray. Through, the use of PLR we can confront these past life experiences, come to terms with them, begin a plan to bring ourselves back into balance, and begin to enjoy better karma from this point forward.

Age Regression

In this technique we stay within this lifetime to review, understand, and overcome the significant life events that our mind presents to us. It has been shown that regardless of real recollection or fabricated memories, all of these memories hold very powerful symbolism and significance to each individual’s life. Which can reveal knowledge, answers, and wisdom to help someone move closer towards a better level of living.

Brief History Overview

Past Life Regression (PLR) originated in Ancient India and was discussed in detail in the Yoga Sutras with Patañjali; a Hindu Scholar. Patañjali discussed the soul carrying burdens and blessings that are a result of part of the Karma from a person’s past lives.


How PLR became popular during modern time was because of the work of Madame Blavatsky who help founded the Theosophical Society, and French Educator Allan Kardec.


PLR therapy has been used and developed since the 1950’s by psychologists, psychiatrists, and mediums. Many of the individuals using PLR therapy and advocating for its use were all scholars with legitimate credentials.


How it became extremely popular where through the Past Life Regression recollections of an American Housewife by the name of Virginia Tighe. Ms Tighe spoke of supposed memories of a 19th century Irish woman called Bridey Murphy. She would speak with an Irish accent during these recollection and at times tell stories and sing songs of Irish backgrounds.


Even though, her recollections of her previous life were not able to be substantiated she sparked the biggest interest into Past Life Regression from the General Public. Which, lead to many journalists, researchers, and scholars delving into the world of Past Life Regression in hopes of discovering the reality of PLR and what our mind might be able to keep in store for us throughout this and/or each of our many lifetimes.

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