Smoking Cessation

Can Hypnosis help Me stop smoking…

Only if you are ready to stop smoking. Hypnosis can not force you to do anything against your will, therefore, Hypnosis can not force you to stop smoking.


Though, once you’ve made the decision that you are going to live a smoke free life and begin this better chapter, then Hypnosis can help you make the transition much easier.

How do I know I’m ready to stop smoking…

You probably ARE ready to live a smoke free life if:

  • You have a strong desire to stop smoking
  • You wonder, “Why am I even doing this?”
  • You ask, “Why does my body (or mind) even still have the desire for this stuff?”
  • You have been able to successfully quit for more than 4 consecutive days.

You probably ARE NOT ready to live a smoke free life if:

  • You should stop just for your friends or family
  • You enjoy every aspect of smoking
  • Your doctor is telling you to stop smoking, but you would still rather smoke

How long will it take for me to become a non-smoker?

That timeline solely depends on how far along you are in your path towards living a smoke free life. Though, I’ve experienced that many people can be smoke free within 6 weeks and some as little as one week.

Why do people keep smoking?

Many times all that’s left is the emotional and habitual attachments to smoking that is keeping an individual from being able to live a smoke free life. Some times an individual may still have a pretty strong physical attachment (chemical dependency) on the cigarettes.


With the emotional and habitual attachments we begin searching for the roots to these attachments and what better things we can put in their places. Through this process an individual can begin to develop many new positive habits and emotional associations within the life that they are living.


With the physical attachment to cigarettes, if it is a strong attachment, it may take a little longer for an individual to stop smoking, and Hypnosis can still make the process much smoother for their transition to a smoke free life. Many individuals who still have a strong physical attachment to cigarettes have also considered utilizing the patch for the first part of their transition and then transitioning off of the patch as the physical attachment dissipates. Regardless of where you are along your path towards living a healthier smoke free life, Hypnosis can be a tool to help make that transition smoother for you.

How does Hypnosis help?

Hypnosis can help with setting emotional and mental reminders to help you during situations that has triggered the desires to smoke a cigarette. Such as drinking, other people smoking around you, breaks at work, driving home, before and after a meal, when you wake up, before bed, during times of stress, etc…


The transition becomes easier with Hypnosis because it can help ease these stress, lessen the effects of possible withdraws, help you stay focus, build new habits easier, etc…


We also work with other factors that ties to smoking, such as routines, drinking, stress, etc… to make sure that you develop the right response for as many life scenarios as we can think of that may come up in your day to day activities.


As we delve deeper into the habit of smoking and other habits Hypnosis can also help you have a better understanding of the following:

  • Finding healthier replacement for the habits
  • Build a better understanding of the emotional attachments and learning to create new positive emotional connections
  • Learning the many ways a person can transition away from the physical attachments to cigarettes


Cravings will be eliminated a great deal within the first few weeks. Though, every once in a while, some people may still have small desires try a cigarette from time to time. Therefore, we also work on ways to eliminate those thoughts if they enter your mind.

Post Smoking Withdraws

Understanding that an individual may experience withdraws. We will discuss the timeline where most individuals experience certain withdraws and ways that they have successfully overcome these barriers and obstacles.

Outline of a General Smoking Cessation Program

1. Initial Consultation


2. Disclosure of Services


3. Initial Discussion

  • Your History of Smoking
  • Your Regular Daily Routines
  • Smoking habits during Various Events
  • Your Goal and Timeline
  • Creating A Conscious Plan


4. Enter into a deeper Hypnotic State


5. Hypnotic Discussion

  • Finding the roots to smoking
  • Resolving the roots
  • Resolving the attachments
  • Building new roots in the present
  • Reviewing old and possible new habits
  • Reviewing daily routines & scenarios
  • Reviewing emotionally elevated events
  • Set safe guards for when desires arise
  • Review


6. Reflect about Hypnotic Experience


7. Discuss possible withdraws and how other individuals have successfully dealt with them


8. Reflect about Your Progress since our first session together


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