Temptations Will Tempt You

Sometimes sarcasm is the best way to make a point. So, here’s a bit of sarcasm about the message of temptations that I wrote a few years ago after a night of festivities…


Temptation will try and tempt you, so don’t give into temptation. We will save you, you must follow our ways. Don’t be tempted by your own persuasion, or the temptations that move you in a certain direction. Our words are not tempting, so just follow what we say.

Temptations’ ways are wrong because it’s tempting, our ways right because Temptations are wrong. Other Temptations will tempt you, persuade you, and make you feel that’s the best way to go, but know ours is right because we won’t tempt you. Don’t give into it, even if it feels right and it feels true, just listen to us because we’re better.

Remember to think for yourself as you remember my words, we are right and the Temptation is wrong. Temptation will try to persuade and tempt you in many ways, so just follow us, even if it doesn’t feel right or totally untrue. We will guide you in the right direction, because the other way is the way of Temptation. Temptation is the Evil so don’t follow that path. Just follow our path because we’ll never tempt you.

Temptation will only love you if you follow it’s ways. Don’t move in that direction because it’s tempting, and if you do, no one will love you, but don’t just move with us just because we’re not tempting, come with us because we know best. We will love you if you follow behind, the other way is Temptation’s path. It’s wrong because we’re right. Remember Temptations will try and tempt you, so do not give in even if it feels safe, just follow behind us because we know what’s best.

By Jay Her

Drunken night of May 6th 2011 5:00am.

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